There was a time when print was simply ink on paper. Fast forward to today and print is much more complex.  Printers must be experts at delivering marketing solutions that improve efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership and deliver results that drop straight to the bottom line.  Identifying new and better ways to address the needs of our customers, investing in technology, and partnering with our customers to help guide them through a constantly changing landscape. That’s what it means to be a solutions provider.

As promised the Mt. Vernon team worked swiftly, they were professional and the process was painless. Both the process and finished product exceeded our expectations and Mt. Vernon’s people were a pleasure to work with.

Jim Arnold, COO - Mack - Sumner Communications


Mount Vernon offers a range of commercial sheetfed and web printing services to help communicate your message.  Our years of experience and technological solutions allow us to create dynamic printed pieces, bringing your creative vision to life. To complement these services we also offer a state-of-the art pre-press department and a complete array of bindery services.


As a part of the RR Donnelley network of printers, we also give our customers access to over 280 sheetfed presses with the ability to print up to 81 inches and up to 12 colors.  Our web press facilities can print up to 8 colors and offer both heat-set and cold-set web capabilities.


Mount Vernon is a qualified G7® Master Printer.  G7® is a method defined by the Print Properties and Colorimetrics Working Group of IDEAlliance. The application of this method enables printers to reproduce a similar visual appearance across printing types and substrates.


Click here for detailed equipment list.


Our growing digital department gives our customers the ability to do short run print work cost effectively while also utilizing the power of personalized print communications.  The ability to produce quick turn, cost-effective print items gives our customers the flexibility they need to meet their needs.


Through Mount Vernon, our customers have access to one of the world’s largest digital printing networks. The unrivaled leader in digital print solutions, RR Donnelley brings customers a new world of options and opportunities. Capable of producing over 30 million, four-color pages each day, our world-leading digital platform includes more than 220 high-end digital presses across North America and a growing international presence.


We continue investing in the latest available technology to maintain our digital leadership.


Direct mail is one of the most effective methods for communicating your message.


From short to long runs, Mount Vernon can help you deliver highly targeted direct mail campaigns. Utilizing the latest ink-jet and inserting technologies, we are able to quickly and efficiently process mail so that your message gets out fast.  Our data processing and mail piece design experts help you reduce postage costs.


Mount Vernon also provides a variety of fulfillment services for our clients. These services include assembling, packaging, storing and distributing materials. Many organizations utilize our fulfillment services to help manage their print inventory as well as to provide "just-in-time" assembly and delivery of customized materials to end users.


Mount Vernon Printing is one of the nations leading producers of political printing and mailing. With an array of capabilities that allow us to quickly meet tight deadlines, we are experts at meeting the unique needs of campaigns and political organizations.  Utilizing the RR Donnelley network we can produce work in virtually every major U.S. market with the convenience of one local contact..


Mount Vernon is your source for:

  • Political Persuasion Direct Mail
  • Fund Raising Direct Mail
  • Variable Data GOTV Mail
  • Doorhangers
  • Large-Format Banners and Signs
  • Promotional Products